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What will your App Do?

Amazing Layouts

Geo-Tracking - Mapping - Booking - Contact - Sign Up - Push Notification - Photo Gallery - Audio - Calendar - Catalog - E-Commerce - Contest -Discount -Storage Folders

Top Performance

Optimal Efficiency - When facing storage constraints, most individuals instinctively seek to remove resource-intensive apps or files. As a result, we prioritize crafting compact yet highly functional applications.

Save Money

Traditional marketing often involves significant expenditures to reach audiences with limited interest in your product or service. However, when utilizing an app developed by CJAppBuilder, you can precisely target a 100% audience with genuine interest, ensuring a remarkable 95% open rate for your desired sales messages, delivered almost instantly.

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how it works

We are an APP development, media, and creative content agency that helps the businesses of all sizes explore new and innovative marketing approaches.

First a complete understanding of what you want your App to do.
Second, additional functionality that will benefit you the most.
After that it is all about the plannings and execution and final delivery.

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Get our trial plans

Custom app



  • 3 Basic custom features
  • Up to 3 outside links
  • Android & IOS submission
  • Up to 5,000 SMS per month
  • Front end admin
  • Regular maintenance &
  • Apple Store Security

Traffic Builder

$65 per hour
  • Weekly Content Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Target Marketing
  • Cross Promotion
  • Enhanced SEO


Get answers to common questions about application

Basic changes adding content are easily done by accessing your dashboard from inside your App through a secure sign in.

Make it more relevant. And most importantly, educate your customers on the value your App provides to them.