Real Estate

1. Customized App. For you, it is all about reaching those people who want to buy houses. With your own app, you can reach people shopping for their new home, almost on demand with the click of a few buttons.

2. QR Codes for each home or floor plan. Allow prospects to retrieve the exact information they are searching for when they want it.

And the bottom line for each of these options is, right after they download your App or the QR Code, you immediately have access directly to them through their cell phones. We are talking about a 95% open rate, the highest of any sales materials.

3. Social Media Management. The overall percentage of people looking to purchase today is limited. But if you could build a trust based relationship and prove your character, you are significantly more likely to connect with more of those shopping short and long term. We have already invested in the creation of several of those management directions. We can increase those likely to want to know about you and what homes you have to offer. Creating a “NAME” or enhancing a “REPUTATION”. People are more likely to trust someone they have heard or seen.

4. Host your own weekly internet radio show and let others spread the word. Fully scripted, either featuring specific homes or builds, or just a specific home of the week. Bring in some of the trades, maybe a mortgage broker or financial people. Feature the real extras the make shopping through you the wisest choice. And…. Build the trust that would help someone make the choice to choose you.

5. Specifically for the new home builder. Do it on video and broadcast your weekly feature on Roku TV.