The Community & Chamber Offer

Reach all of your Members or Community in seconds with the click of a few buttons. 95% delivery rate.

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Communications services for Chambers Of Commerce.

Don’t have the budget for full time staff dedicated to handle things like

Social Media Accounts

Monthly or Weekly Email Blasts

Video or Audio Production

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Other Services

Thank you for taking the time to check out what else we have to offer.

#1. Free advertising for any Alberta based business. The details are here, and it really is free – click here

#2. You community could have a set time each week where we run a specific radio show about the goings on, news, and information about your Community. Or… maybe you think there could be a benefit to broadcasting an event or maybe council or special meeting. But a set time that we could introduce your Community to tune in. I was also thinking something like broadcasting from a trade show or very special event for those who couldn’t attend.

#3. We build Apps. We have recently just finished one for the Innisfail Chamber Of Commerce. It’s up on the Apple and the Google Pay Store. But if something like that is of interest? Reach all your member businesses with the click of a button. Reach out to your Community and 5 minutes later about 95% of people who downloaded the App have your announcement right in their hands. Run contests, promote the stores in your community with a shop local campaign that really has a reach. Generate some revenue with a lunch special or evening’s activity – all set it and forget it. Click here .

You can eliminate so much of your every event leg work, almost eliminate the cost of advertising, and reach exactly the people who want to know.

#4. Virtual Trade Show. Offer to your Business Community an opportunity to record once and we will put together scheduled broadcasts over the next year on our internet radio station and our ROKU Television station. This by itself is unique. But the offer is more unique when you factor in our ability to get the right attendees invited to our delivery platform. We have a unique set of tools that allows us to search for the ideal attendees in the areas and industries your businesses want to connect with.

If your Business Community wants to reach Trucking companies for example. We can search every city, town, village in the Province, Country or World that they might want to do business with and invite them to tune in. It all depends on what criteria your Businesses want to reach. And with our previously recorded shows, allow the attendees to reach out to the vendors on demand.

Any industry, any City, Town, or Country – think Economic Development

#5. Event Broadcast – Value Added. I was thinking specifically of Rodeos but this would be suitable for a number of other events as well. Record the event, and broadcast it after the fact. This would be an incredible billboard of who attended, the action, the atmosphere, and give you another opportunity to push your sponsors. And quite frankly, Aunt Mary or Uncle John wouldn’t couldn’t come to the live event would really appreciate being able to see little Jack or Jane participate. Or a bigger Trade or Agriculture event, where the message the Speakers had, lived longer then the 10 minutes they spoke live.

Become higher on the preferred list of event locations by really promoting all that you have to offer. And of course that means more spending coming into the Community from away.