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.Additional distribution is available.

Database Development – Your business wants to promote itself to X industry. We are able to identify by City, by Industry, by Country almost any type of potential client and build a contact list for you. Name, Address, Contact Information. no short cuts. We can build your reputation and initiate a filter process to narrow down a proper sales list. Project  based or hourly billing @ $65/hr

The Best Sales Tool In My Lifetime

Massive savings and efficiency for your advertising dollar

Each month just about every home or business gets many of these from businesses just like yours.

Each month businesses just like yours pay for the design, the printing, and the distribution of these similar flyers to generate more interest in their business that typically increases sales for a short period of time. And as a result, the whole process needs to be repeated over and over.

Question, how many of these advertisements go straight to the recycle bin? How many did you print time and again to never be seen by a prospect or client? There is something much more efficient. Works better, costs less and allows you to connect with people who already know and like your business almost on demand.

Let’s show you a different cycle. with better results and more efficient.

1 – Have your custom App built.

2 – Have CJsappbuilder promote the download of your App.

3 – With the appropriate number of downloads, use your App to communicate almost on demand directly to those interested in your product or service.

You have now completely eliminated your need for pricey flyers or advertising.