Keeping in mind the actual size of your App, which links to existing website or video storage pages do you want linked to your website? Typically audio/video, catalog, checkout, etc. Standard packages have (3). Extra charge of $225 for additional outside links.
From these choices, the standard App package comes with a maximum of 3 features. Additional features are available @ $300 per feature.
These features are $300 each plus $65 per hour set up.

Please take a moment before proceeding to email the following to sales @ cjappbuilder dot com:

PNG of Logo

Short letter or permission form, instructing “Kirk Cayer O/A CJAppbuilder, permission to develop and post an App on your behalf.

Do you have any PNG or Digital pictures of your business or service? 3 pictures would be great.

If you can, take a minute and go to the “paint” program on your computer. Create 3 or 4 boxes. Color these boxes colors with your preferred shades or colors. This will help us better understand what you mean when you say “red” or “blue” what shade you actually are referring to.

Thank you.

Let’s move forward